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Anne Lovett is a pianist and composer whose outstanding dynamic virtuosity serves a powerful evocative musical style reflected in her exciting works.

Lovett's compositions crosses the unchartered music frontier from classical to contemporary in original ways using simply a piano or support from effect pedals, balanced amplification and other analogue devices. Her music connects deeply to her listener's senses and takes them onto an emotionally freeing journey.

Like Satie, Anne Lovett was born in Normandie, France. She began piano lessons at the age of three and a few years later entered the CNR de Caen and Rouen under the tuition of Frederic Aguessy. She then went on to study at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris with Pierre Reach (a pupil of the great Artur Rubinstein) and Alberto Neuman (a rare student of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli). At the early age of eleven, she was invited to perform in concert at the Festival International d'Annecy and a year later at the Festival International de Montdauphin.

Despite her classical background, Anne developed a great interest in other musical genres. She also studied jazz and improvised music with Samy

Abenaim of the Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris and later free improvisation with Keith Tippett.

Following her British roots, she moved to the UK in 1999 to further her education at the Royal Academy of Music in London with Hamish Milne. She also studied composition with Ruth Byrchmore, chamber music with Michael Dussek and jazz with Dominic Alldis. She graduated with Honors in 2003.

During her academic years, Anne has taken part in many master-classes amongst which, with Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Roger Muraro, Miriam Solovieff, Andrei Diev, John O'Connor and Rolf Hind.

Since graduating, Anne has performed throughout Europe including Portugal, Norway, Italy, England and France. Recent notable concerts include the Festival International de Musique de la Hague, the premiere of her "Tokyo Rush” in Norway for the 100 years of the hydroelectric power revolution in Hardanger where Anne represented England in a 3 hours celebration. Forthcoming tour in Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia, Sao Paulo.

She has worked with many artists over the years. Notably her sister Maud

Lovett violinist with whom she has won international prizes (at the International chamber music competition in Pinerolo-Italy and at the FNAPEC in Paris); tenor James Oxley; cellist Josephine Knight; viola player Philip Dukes; pianist Nicholas Walker; violonist Catherine Lord amongst others.

Lovett's wide ranging talent has also led to collaborative work with artists from various avenues from acting to dance companies and includes an instrumental project with producer and programmer James Sanger well known for his million selling work with Dido, Keane's "Hope and Fears” album of the year at the Brit Awards 2005, U2, Cure, etc. In 2006 she was commissioned to write a 5.1 surround soundtrack for the Planetarium Ludiver in Normandie.

Her popularity and appeal was demonstrated during the latest competition at MusicAid in December 2007 where Raindrops On Mars was awarded best UK composition (voted by 16,000 people worldwide). She has been broadcasted on the radio France Musique (Radio France group) , for the french national TV network France 3 and the european network Mezzo.

Lovett's broad range of activities doesn't stop with her nurtured talent for writing, she also performs exciting works by favorites Silvestrov, Kapustin, Part, Adams and Piazzolla to name a few.

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